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The myth of the “digital native”

…”digital native” connotes a mastery of and facility with digital tools which most young people lack–they are adept as digital consumers, but that largely implies an extreme susceptibility to the manipulations of advertisers.

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Tag Galaxy

Amazing Flash creations from mining Flickr tags to create a galaxy of images…

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CommonCare: Medicare for the rest of us

CommonCare: It’s got the ring of Medicare, the most efficient and successful government program in US history, and it ultimately means what Single Payer ought to be called: Final Payer, the “public option,” Medicare for the rest of us

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Saturn enters the Libra sky on 10/29/09

From astrologer Paul Six(click on Journal to see the original): As people become selfish and self-centered out of fear that they are losing what they have, Saturn’s two and one-half year passage through the Libra sky restores the principle of

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