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Dirty hippies

This video is a beautiful example of digital storytelling with the Southern Black Church stochastic of repetition… Advertisements

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The Old Woman of Trora

A story I bought as a greeting card/folio, near its publication date, and read over and over to my children and my students. I traced the press, Green Tiger Press, to and spoke to two different people who said they thought they knew how to contact the author, and copyright holder, Martha Hackman. I never heard back from them, and hope that my homage is considered a fair use, if not more than fair.

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Sharing the rainbow

Just came across a reference to the antahkarana, or higher mind, in Risa d’Angeles astrology column for Wednesday, May 19, 2010– she called it the Rainbow Bridge, between Spirit and matter…as I work on final draft of the “Sharing the

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