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The spark of understanding

In my recent post on “Context Collapse,” I said, That’s what teachers live for — the look in the eye of a student which conveys that something has been understood. As I was picking through books to take with me

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Digital story about the early days of Black Bear Ranch

Just posted a short version of my digital story about the early years at Black Bear Ranch:

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Context collapse

Just reading the piece on the NWP website by Robert Yagelski about writing itself as a process, without regard to producing a usable text at the end of the process. The writer concludes “…writing is a potentially powerful vehicle for

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Increasing our Tolerance for Ambiguity

I’ve done two wonderful projects with different parts of the Writing Project this summer–first, helping facilitate our 2010 Invitational Summer Institute (ISI) in San Juan Bautista, CA, for a month, with our wonderful local cohort, and then a five day

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