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We are all teachers in this class

Doing string games with my second graders has brought such gifts already. Extemporaneously, I had the first few who got the Karok fish spear become the teachers of others, and thus the goal that we should all become teachers was

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Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes

From the WayBack Machine’s Archive of Sr./Mr. Mindlin, Alianza Elementary, Grado/Grade 4, 1995-96, class project with Suzuhari School in Hiroshima, Japan., featuring┬áCandy Silva’s drawing of the Memorial to Sadako in the Hiroshima Peace Garden. Candy Silva was selected “Student of

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One of Woody Guthrie’s last poems

EDUCATE ME I never sung or made one ballad song to entertain you. I made all of my stuff up to tell you and To educate you I’m an educator Not an entertainer. Woodie Guthrie Topanga, Dec. 1952 p. 242,

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