We are all teachers in this class

Doing string games with my second graders has brought such gifts already. Extemporaneously, I had the first few who got the Karok fish spear become the teachers of others, and thus the goal that we should all become teachers was easy to articulate. Beautiful moments. The workbook routines are the hardest–today I had two different triplets try to be ordered from tallest to smallest, as they are being told to do in workbook format, with barely a manipulative in sight. So perhaps a regular Friday switch of the centers to math manipulatives, and math talk and model building….Exciting to find this experiment working, to see what can be done within the paced classroom. Turns out, a lot…


Fred is a Teaching Artist, an arts integration advocate & a social justice activist. He is near completing a two-month Residency as String Game Performance Teacher at Calabasas Elementary School in Watsonville, CA, and performed at the 2015 Santa Cruz Storytelling Festival. He also serves as Teacher Consultant for Professional Development with UCSC's Central California Writing Project and as their Technology Liaison to the National Writing Project. He is a Connected Learning Facilitator and coordinates Face To Face Drop Ins on Connected Learning biweekly at Arts Council Santa Cruz County. He teaches self-directed & connected learning via real-world projects & string games through his Original Digital Project, an Associate of the Arts Council.

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