Preparing for Teachers Teaching Teachers on August 22

Something nostalgic for me about a Chemex coffee makerContinuing the reflecting process, I just had a productive Hangout with Paul Allison, brainstorming and planning for ding a session on Teachers Teaching Teachers (TTT) on August 22 about the 3rd Space Conference last July and our followup activities. I have plans cooking at three levels on three different timescales: immediate–this TTT session is in 10 days and my collaboration with Ed is in just over two weeks, other workshops with Ed and Bowen need to planned for the next few months; middle-term – doing a second “3rd Space” conference in May 2013 in Santa Cruz; and long term – getting a 6 or 7 figure grant for the curriculum development to bring 3rd Space thinking into the regular public school classroom (and end “testing as we know it”).


Currently serving as Associate Director for Technology Integration with the Central California Writing Project (CCWP), part of UCSC's Department of Education. I'm a social justice advocate, web pioneer, and digital storytelling enthusiast. I'm also an arts education activist and a string game expert.

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