(Re)Engaged for 2017

Thanks, Michael. My word is “collaboration”– I just launched this new year with a fascinating conversation with my nephew, a project manager for complex software implementations, about interactions he facilitates and my string game teaching. In both cases, getting to good communication is the key…a collaborative process, communicating.

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Engaged. Or rather (re)engaged. That’s my word for 2017.

Every day for the past six months that word has stared at me, a sticker on the left side of my laptop’s keyboard. But was I really engaged? Did it mean anything to me, a constant reminder of part of my role as an educator? At times yes. But more often, no. It’s hard to admit to yourself that you’re not giving 100% every day. That you’re not being the best you that you can be. That you’re not being the person you need to be to those around you, who depend on your attention, guidance, and leadership.

When I chose the word in July, it meant something to me. It meant that this year, my 19th as a teacher was going to be different (as each year…

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Fred is a Teaching Artist, an arts integration advocate & a social justice activist. He is near completing a two-month Residency as String Game Performance Teacher at Calabasas Elementary School in Watsonville, CA, and performed at the 2015 Santa Cruz Storytelling Festival. He also serves as Teacher Consultant for Professional Development with UCSC's Central California Writing Project and as their Technology Liaison to the National Writing Project. He is a Connected Learning Facilitator and coordinates Face To Face Drop Ins on Connected Learning biweekly at Arts Council Santa Cruz County. He teaches self-directed & connected learning via real-world projects & string games through his Original Digital Project, an Associate of the Arts Council.

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