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Text, Tool, and Thought: Rufus the Writer by Melanie Fuemmeler

Originally posted on Nerdy Book Club:
Text: The book Rufus the Writer by Elizabeth Bram is an endearing tale about a young boy (Rufus) who decides rather than the traditional lemonade stand, he’d like to open a story stand.  With all the…

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(Re)Engaged for 2017

Originally posted on The Buist Babble:
flickr photo by buistbunch shared under a Creative Commons ( BY-NC-ND ) license Engaged. Or rather (re)engaged. That’s my word for 2017. Every day for the past six months that word has stared at…

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Teaching Lessons: What KIPP Did—and Didn’t—Learn From America’s “Best” Teacher

Originally posted on Andrea Gabor:
Two things struck me as soon as I metaphorically cracked the spine of my e-version of Real Talk for Real Teachers, the latest opus by best-selling author and public-school teacher extraordinaire Rafe Esquith: How many…

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Learn The Address

Originally posted on WagTheDog:
“American culture is identified as very individualistic, and yet there’s a tremendous social pressure to conform and to be like everybody else, and to marginalize and pathologize people who function differently in all different kinds of…

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A Burr in Your Sock

Originally posted on Thinking Through My Lens:
Today was a prickly kind of day in the SDAWP SI.  There’s something about confronting formulaic writing that sticks in your socks like those little burrs you find on weeds that seem to…

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Preparing for Teachers Teaching Teachers on August 22

Continuing the reflecting process, I just had a productive Hangout with Paul Allison, brainstorming and planning for ding a session on Teachers Teaching Teachers (TTT) on August 22 about the 3rd Space Conference last July and our followup activities. I have

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The relevance of rigor relegates reality to “after”-school: The Third Space

I’ve been struggling, ruminating, reflecting, about the relevance of rigor, given the comment by the MacArthur Foundation representative that it’s understandable for parents to resist the idea that we are “experimenting” on their kids in the high stakes world of

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